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Bambo Nature Disposable Baby Diapers

Bambo Nature Disposable Baby Diapers

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preemie, 2-7 lbs
size 1, 4-9 lbs [+$2.49]
size 2, 7-11lbs [+$2.49]
size 3, 11-20lbs [+$3.49]
size 4, 17-40 lbs [+$3.49]
size 5, 26-49 lbs [+$3.49]
Bambo Nature is one of the only disposable diapers on the market to be third party certified not to use or add any of the following chemicals during the manufacturing of baby diapers: phthalates, MMBT, DDT, TBT, PVC, heavy metals, chlorine, formaldehyde, colophonium, azo pigments, or other substances that are known to be harmful to health and the environment!

They are the only (that we know) disposable diaper to receive the Nordic Swan Eco-label.  We are impressed! Products carrying this label meet extremely high environmental and often climate requirements.  A life-cycle perspective of the product is analyzed, i.e., the product's impact on the environment from raw material/source to waste.  Criteria is also set with regard to quiality, health aspects and performance/functionality.   Click here to read more!

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