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Bamboo All-In-One Diaper Service

Bamboo All-In-One Diaper Service is a super convenient option for the modern, conscious parent. The diapers arrive ready to just snap onto your baby! When the diaper is soiled, simply  toss into the dirty bin and snap on a new diaper!  No need to rinse (at least until your babe is no longer solely breastfed) or soak.

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIOs are adjustable to fit, on average, 8-35+lb. babies! However, we recommend starting with either our Organic Diaper Service or Paper Diaper Service until your baby's umbilical area heals. 


We pick up your dirty diapers and drop off your clean diapers at your doorstep each week. Easy!

Your diaper bundle is delivered in a waterproof cloth bag to further reduce waste and for extra durability.We also provide a deodorizer, which we replace every other week.  And we plant a tree for every child that cloth diapers with us.

You are renting a set of diapers, so you will get your same diapers back each week.   If you receive 50 diapers per week, you will have 100 diapers in rotation.


FULL Service includes weekly pick up and delivery of 26-50* Bamboo AIOs ($42/wk)

HALF Service includes weekly pick up and delivery of 15-25 Bamboo AIOs ($32/wk)

*If you need more than 50 per week, you can add extras for $.85/each.

Get Started:

For Bamboo AIO Diaper Service you only need a diaper pail, which you can buy here.

To sign up for service, we require upfront payment of 4 weeks.  Service is refundable for store credit.  

Once you sign up we will contact you to introduce ourselves, answer any questions, and let you know when to expect your first package of diapers.

Pay for 6 months (26 weeks) upfront and receive 2 weeks free, pay for 1 year (52 weeks) upfront and receive 5 weeks free.

Price is per week, please enter the number of weeks you wish to purchase below.

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